Introducing FirstToSee

Use FirstToSee to track what's happening in an emergency

Disasters often impact an entire region. This means even well-prepared agencies can face difficult choices over how to respond. Is there a better way for responders and partners to work together more effectively? The project team who created FirstToSee thought so. Taking advantage of the latest technologies, they created a revolutionary support system. FirstToSee makes it easy to leverage the full potential of mobile app reports and social media for emergency response.

Share what's happening at the scene

The free app gives responders and trusted volunteers a new way to share reports, photos and videos from the field. It only takes a few seconds to send a report from an Apple, Android, or Windows phone. All reports are automatically sent to the support system where they can be viewed by emergency managers. Use the app to share what's happening in real time.

Are you a responder or trusted volunteer? Download the app now!

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Get the information you need quickly

The emergency support system lives on the Cloud. It has been designed and tested to handle large-scale disasters affecting entire regions. Responders can use the system to view incoming reports, as well as monitor social media and news stories. Filter and search thousands of reports, posts and videos to find the exact information you need. 

What other agencies are saying

The system is now being used by multiple partners in the Puget Sound area. Watch the following testimonials to see how it can benefit your organization.