FirstToSee Aids Tacoma Police With 30-Year-Old Cold Case

Missing resized

Tacoma PD is now using FirstToSee to possibly solve a 30-year old cold case. The Tacoma Child Abduction Respone Team (CART) used FirstToSee to monitor social media posts mentioning Michella Welch and Jennifer Bastian, two girls who were murdered in 1986. Additionally, detectives used the FirstToSee app to record field interviews.

"Recently our team had the opportunity to use the FirstToSee system during an investigation that had heavy media exposure," said Lieutenant Robert Maule. "What we found in FirstToSee was a very promising platform that provided team members with a view of what citizens were seeing and reporting to each other regarding our incident. This ability to monitor those social media posts directed at our investigation provided the team with completely new opportunities to potentially solve our case. In addition, the mobile app portion of the system holds a lot of potential for our detectives in the field running down leads."

"Our team was impressed with the FirstToSee system and we look forward to practicing with it as a child recovery enhancement tool soon," he added.


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