Emergency System

Leverage thousands more eyes on the street

FirstToSee gives you the advantage of adding thousands of more eyes on the street. People using social media to report about what's happening during an emergency. Now you can stay connected to social media in a more organized way.

How all that data is managed

The support system does most of the work. It uses advanced technology that compiles incoming data into filterable, editable categories you create to support your agency’s focus. The following graphic shows how the app, social media and support system work together:














Data can be viewed multiple ways. Tabular view shows abbreviated details that can be filtered by date, incident, etc. for fast review. Grid view makes it easy to compare and contrast data. You can also add comments, mark data as important, and easily view photos and videos. Map view gives you a complete operational picture. Incident icons pinpoint what's happening at each location – simply click on an icon to get more details.

Customize the system to your needs

The emergency system gives you the ability to create your own categories or “buckets.” These can be as broad as earthquakes or as targeted as collapsed bridges. The system then automatically drops keyword or hashtag data that’s relevant into the appropriate bucket.

Easy to adopt and deploy

FirstToSee is a regional solution that's open source, easy to learn, and non-resource intensive. It can also serve as an interagency platform. And because the back end system lives in the Cloud, all it takes to get started is a simple online registration process.  

How do agencies learn more about FirstToSee?

Contact Eric Holdeman at [email protected] or 253-376-6683 for more system information or to set up a presentation. The support system video and brochure provide a good overview about how the system works.

Is FirstToSee available outside of the Puget Sound area?

FirstToSee will eventually be made available to other regions. It was developed using open source code specifically for this reason. We hope emergency responders across the country will see its value and choose to use it. Please contact Eric if you’re from another region or state.